Salsa Tasting Contest!

The 3 functional academic/life skills classes in the High School Program had a taste testing contest. The current unit the classes are working on involves team-building and cooperation. One of the chapters in the unit talks about a community garden and recipes that could be developed from a community garden. One recipe was for salsa. The students wanted to see if they could make salsa but wanted to make it a little more interesting. It was decided that each group would make a salsa recipe and then have the academic students and staff of the High School Program taste test to see which one tasted the best. It was a great life skills application for the students and a lot of fun. The taste testing was held during lunch time and the result are as follows:

Rolling Stone (salsa #1) – 15
Wings (salsa #3) – 11
Three Chicks and a Dude (salsa #2) – 5

Thanks to everyone who took the time to taste test and make this activity a fun and rewarding time for the students.
Email Mr. Foster if you would like the recipes!