Below you will find links to program coordinators, the business office, human resources, and many other staff members at our school. You will also find their telephone extension (215-877-0313).




Executive Director

Mr. Gerald Kitzhoffer

x 266

Executive Director's Office

Education and Professional Development Director

 Jackie Brennan

x 215

Administrative Support

 Trish Bonner

x 266

Program Coordinators



Early Intervention Services

Lynne Williams

x 251

Early Childhood

Marguerite Bradley

x 243

Early Intervention Outreach Program

Durrae Delp

x 369

Deafblind Services

Jackie Brennan

x 215

Middle School Program

Lauri Leonard

x 318

Elementary Program

Karen Whitaker

x 219

High School Program

Helene Marano

x 278

School to Work Program

Bob Ashbridge

x 249

Therapy & O&M Services

 JoAnn McNamee

x 218

Business Office




Joe VanBernum

x 247


John Thomas, Jr.

x  241


Dan Maurer

x 214


Jackie Davis

x 248


Stephanie Schreiber

x 240


Vera Billie

x 239




Human Resources




Carol Havens

x 235


Michael Mansor

x 330


International Outreach




Wenru Niu
International Outreach Program Coordinator

x 339


Dael Cohen

x 276

 Whitehall Program
 Stephanie Hayes










Bill McGehrin, Network Services Coordinator

x 254


Bethanne DiFabio, Pre-Voc and Spiritwear

x 398


Frank Irzyk, Educational Tech Coordinator

x 346


Gloria Pfeiffer
Public Relations


Robert Smith, Development Officer

x 264


Maryann Flack, Development Office

x 256


Angie Williams, Security Supervisor

x 203


Danielle Sychterz,School Psychologist

x 205


Jean O'Brien Visser, IEP Coordinator

x 238


Jean Ann Vogelman, Parent Liaison

x 294


Rebecca Illniski, Braille Transcriptionist

x 212


Maria Southard, Food Service Supervisor

x 232


Kenneth Kelly, Housekeeping Supervisor

x 331


Damaris Shiavi, Aquatic Center Coordinator

x 258


Bernadette Giddens