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Position Available

Position: Itinerant Teacher

Department: Outreach

Status: Full Time 10 Months Instructional (Possible Summer Hours)
Minimum Requirements:

Vision Certification - Masterís Degree in vision a plus. Valid drivers license; Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to work with minimal supervision; Must have own car.

Summary of Duties:
Experience collaborating with other disciplines; report writing; operating and instruction in use of low vision aides; Braille instruction (reading and writing); Ability to perform routine computer functions; Ability to complete specialized assessments.

Overbrook School for the Blind
Human Resource Department
June 23, 2014

Position Available

Position: Orientation & Mobility Specialist

Department: Therapy

Status: Full Time 10 Months Instructional 32.5 Hrs Per Week.
Minimum Requirements:

B.S. in Orientation & Mobility with COMS & ACVREP Certifications. Experience with all ages Pediatric through age 21 years. Travel via Public Transportation and knowledge of Optical and or/ electric devices.

Summary of Duties:
Evaluate students Orientation and Mobility (O&M) skills and determine needs and service delivery model; complete comprehensive evaluation reports for current students and referrals. Develop Student IEPís including Present Levels, Strengths, Needs, Goals Objectives, Specially Designed Instruction, Related Services. Attend IEP meetings and clearly convey information in a professional manner to all members of the educational team. Complete Progress Monitoring on O &M goals and objectives for each student on caseload. Provide individualized instruction in O&M including various techniques such as sighted guide, protective techniques, spatial concepts and position in space, traditional long cane instruction, instruction in the use of alternative mobility devices, public transportation and the use of optical devices. Provide consultative. Provide Instruction to all age levels pediatric through age 21: students may have additional disabilities including intellectual disabilities, Deaftblind, physical handicaps, etc. Develop and provide in-service logs for every student on caseload. Collaborate with the educational team which may include the student, parent, Teacher, Para Educator, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist, and other O&M Specialists

Overbrook School for the Blind
Human Resource Department
June 23, 2014

Position Available

Position: Clerical Assistant to IEP Coordinators and Records Clerk

Department: IEP Dept.

Status: 12 Month / 3 Days Per Week
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: 10:00AM - 4:30PM
Minimum Requirements:

High School graduate with excellent organizational, clerical and computer skills. Minimum of 3-5 years clerical experience in an office or school setting. Knowledge and works with Microsoft Word, Excel, Scanning and educational databases such as Powerschool and Esped.

Summary of Duties:
Opens and maintains files for current students in the IEP Office and former students in Record Room. Completes personal data for new students and records information in school records. Performs clerical duties such as filing, copying, faxing , printing, emailing, scanning uploading and archiving documents. Prepares mailing labels. Prepares and mails/emails correspondence including subpoenas to variety of organizations after insuring the appropriate releases have been received. Copies Student Information Update, Medical Emergency Releases and other documents as requested or required and distributes to appropriate staff. Assists IEP Coordinator in ordering and maintaining equipment supplies for the department. Assists other employees and outside agencies with student files and retrieving files from storage. As assigned by IEP Coordinator, mails/ emails letters, Invitation Notices, IEPís and Reevaluation Reports using Microsoft Word, Powerschool, and/ or eSped to Parents, School Districts, and other agency contacts. Performs other essential duties as assigned by the I.E.P Coordinator

Overbrook School for the Blind
Human Resource Department
June 23, 2014

Position Available: Technology Coordinator

Department: Administration

Status:Full-Time 10 Months, Non-Instructional, 32.5 hrs per week

Education: Masterís Degree in Education; PA certification as Teacher of the Visually Impaired preferred; will consider Masterís degree in Low Vision, Vision Rehabilitation, or Rehabilitation Counseling.

Experience:At least three years of providing assistive technology services to students and/or adults with blindness or visual impairment, and deafblindness and multiple disabilities; experience with augmentative communication devices.

Summary Of Duties: To assume responsibility for school-wide implementation of the student technology program initiative.

Essential Functions:

1. Continually review and remain up to date on the status of OSB technology offerings- including devices (mainstream, specialized, augmentative communication) trainings, and follow-up activities

2. Responsible for the development and implementation of a state of the art technology program for all OSB students

3. Serve as Chairperson of the staff Technology Committee

4. Assist the Development Director with fundraising proposals related to the technology initiative

5. Conduct technology evaluations and trainings

6. Propose appropriate devices and equipment for the technology program

7. Coordinate the technology program initiative across all school programs by collaborating with program coordinators, classroom teachers, and instructional staff to integrate assistive technology into classrooms

8. Serve as the spokesperson for the OSB Technology program for outside agencies and resources

9. Remain current on new technology in the field

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