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John Luttenberger

2011’s Alumnus of the Year


Commence a 9647

A man of many interests and much accomplishment, John Luttenberger, class of 1969, recalls his years as an Overbrook student fondly. A lifetime of happy memories grounded in academic accomplishment, personal growth, and lasting friendships started here.


Those who know him best speak of his kind and caring nature, love of music, business success, scholarship, sophistication, and engagement with the world.


An accomplished musician, Mr. Luttenberger plays piano and organ and is a singer. Although too modest to praise his own abilities, he acknowledges that his musical skills were developed at Overbrook.


Music has remained an important part of his life evidenced by his continuing to sing with the choir of the St. Michael Lutheran Church and to perform with the renowned Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia.


While studying at OSB, Mr. Luttenberger availed himself of the opportunity and honor of being part of the OSB foreign exchange program with Germany. Upon returning to the United States, he was the valedictorian of his graduating class and then went to Bucknell University where he majored in German literature.


But never satisfied with meeting only one challenge at a time, he added computer programming courses to his college work load. This at a time when many of us had not yet touched or seen computers, much less thought about writing programs for them.


With degree in hand, Mr. Luttenberger started a 25-year career in banking at the Hamilton Bank in Lancaster as a systems analyst and computer programmer. Then, as a lead analyst and programmer, he was responsible for three software systems at CoreStates Financial Corp, and eventually retired from the Wachovia Bank. In all instances he excelled professionally and perfected his business skills, while also expanding and deepening avocational interests, maintaining and nurturing friendships, and performing public service.


A past president of the Overbrook Alumni Association, he remains active in the association and, at this year’s commencement ceremony, recommended to the new graduates that they remain engaged with their alma mater as a way of continuing to grow while also giving something back to those who follow in their footsteps.


He continues to attend Overbrook concerts and comes to campus for a variety of activities as often as his busy schedule permits.


Mr. Luttenberger is currently the Corresponding Secretary for PCB (Pennsylvania Council of the Blind) and produces materials in braille for the Jenny Beck Chapter of the Braille Revival League, the Mendelssohn Club, and the Amaryllis and other Philadelphia theatres.


The words one most hears about him are “energetic, compassionate, engaged, caring, accomplished, and talented.”


This year, Mr. Luttenberger joined a distinguished group of alumni and alumnae who have been honored with the Alumni of the Year Award. Started in 1984, the award has been bestowed upon a total of 30 individuals over a 28 year period. (There were two recipients in 2004 and 2010.)



Alumni Interview
February 2011
Lyle Sine '77


Favorite Overbrook Memories:

"Singing in the choir and wrestling…I really enjoyed those times."

Advice for today’s students:
"Be ready for anything, learn as much as you can while you are at Overbrook and be a proponent and advocate for yourself and Overbrook."

Lyle Sine recollects about his days as a student at Overbrook with excitement and appreciation.  The education he received at Overbrook led to a successful 30 year career at Verizon Communications.  It was through Overbrook’s Work Experience Program that Mr. Sine started working at Verizon while he was still a student, two days a week in their mail department.  He was offered a full time position once he graduated. 

“I graduated on a Thursday night, moved into my own apartment that weekend, and started working full time on Monday,” said Mr. Sine of his transition into the workplace. 

He said the classes that were most beneficial to him at Overbrook were his typing and secretarial classes, and the Work Experience Program.   Mr. Sine learned the importance of being a diligent worker while at Overbrook, where he worked even as a student.  Over the summers he worked for Overbrook’s Maintenance Department, helping maintain the grounds.  During the school year, he was a bus chaperone for students who traveled home on weekends.  On Friday afternoons he would ride on the bus with students to Camden, to New York and finally to his home in Reading, PA.  He made sure students got home safely.  On Sunday morning he would leave at 7am to make the return trip with students back to Overbrook.  He said he learned how to be responsible and also how to manage his money.  He said the opportunities that Overbrook presented were not available to him in Reading.   

His strong work ethic carried over to his career at Verizon.   Mr. Sine held a number of positions, where he often had to make adaptations because of his visual impairment.  But Mr. Sine said Overbrook taught him how to be resourceful and solve problems.

After being promoted from his position as a mail clerk, he worked for the company’s automotive division.  He would help decide which vehicles to purchase for the company’s fleet and tracked maintenance for them.  He also worked in the real estate division, managing properties from Maine to North Carolina. 

As much as Mr. Sine enjoyed his work at Verizon, he decided to take an early retirement when the department for which he was employed was relocated to Texas.  Although he may be retired, he keeps himself very busy.  As Vice President of Overbrook’s Alumni Association and a member of the student liaison committee, he participates in a number of events including Bingo nights with current Overbrook students and the annual alumni weekend in June.  Mr. Sine is also very active with his church.  He serves as a church deacon, is a member of the building committee and helps them with their yearly audit.     
Overbrook will always hold a very special place in Mr. Sine’s heart.  Maybe it’s because it was here where he met his wife of 28 years, Fran, or maybe because to him, it just feels like home. 

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