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Middle School Coordinator: Lauri Leondard

The Middle School program is for students ages 11 – 14.

Middle School has four areas of instructional focus: Academics, Functional Academics, Life Skills and Experiential Focus. Academic students will follow the typical curriculum for students their age, including social studies, mathematics and literature. Students with a Functional Academic focus will learn skills such as reading for information, daily tasks or recipes; money management; and writing to share information, for a shopping or to-do list, and completing a job application. Life skills students might work on pouring a drink, brushing their teeth or communication skills. Students with an Experiential focus will work on environmental controls such as using a switch to turn on a radio, sensory stimulation activities and communication skills. Students in all four-focus areas will continue to work on curricular areas including the Expanded Core Curriculum for Students with Visual Impairments, and individual IEP goals.. Students also receive classes in physical education, art, music, and orientation and mobility. Supports such as occupational and physical therapy, medical and behavioral support will be provided to all students as needed in order to meet their IEP goals. Class groups are based on each student’s instructional focus, as well as other factors, such as needs in the areas of language, social skills or access technology.

In order to unite a program with such diverse student needs, Middle School students participate in school-wide activities, such as Mixed Ensemble, Choir, and sports (beginning at age 13). There are also activities that are for Middle School only, such as Mixers and Friday afternoon Clubs.  Coordinator: Lauri Leonard, ext. 318, and e-mail: