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Program Coordinator: Robert Ashbridge

The School to Work Program is for students who are age 19 to 21. The Mission of the School-to-Work program is to prepare our young people to lead productive and satisfying adult lives to the best of their abilities upon graduation from Overbrook. This may be in various settings that can include a day program, supported work program, competitive employment and post secondary education. The School to Work students work on concepts and skills to assist them with in becoming as independent as possible.  Students are presented with classes focus on the Expanded Core Curriculum for Students with Visual Impairments and real life situations. Students receive instruction in areas of communication skills, social skills, daily living skills, vocational or work experience Skills, leisure/recreation skills and assistive technology. The students receive additional instruction in orientation and mobility, music, art, physical education. Each student follows their individual goals and objectives as outlined in their IEP and Transition Plan.

Students are also involved in a variety of sensory experiences to assist them with understanding and navigating their environment as independently as possible.  They may travel within the community to purchase materials for use in other class activities like snack prep and may go out to lunch to use money skills, travel skills, and social skills.  In addition to their classes, students are provided with a variety of activities to develop into well rounded adults. Some activities include possible involvement in our sports programs, choir, bell choir, mixed ensemble, student council, clubs, and dances.

It is the School to Work Programs belief that we work together as partners the students, their families, school districts and other adult based agencies to provide a complete education for every student. Coordinator: Bob Ashbridge, ext 249, e-mail: