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Overbrook School for the Blind

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We are the Achievers and the Changemakers. We are Overbrook.

At Overbrook School for the Blind, students with vision loss and disabilities discover the hero within.

Featured Stories

  • Three students work together to chop and peel healthy food

    Healthy Living Is a Way of Life

    Bananas, Apples, and Good Choices, OH MY! The students in Mrs. Dasch's School to Work classroom have been learning about Healthy Living using the Unique curriculum. The students have read articles and participated in...

    Learn more on Healthy Living Is a Way of Life
  • High School Learns More About Instructor, Mr. Tony Le

    At every graduation, you hear EVERY student thank Mr. Tony Le. Every single student, because Mr. Le plays a pivotal roll in our students' lives. He has been a teacher in many grades over his 15 years at Overbrook and each one of those...

    Learn more on High School Learns More About Instructor, Mr. Tony Le
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Nov 16

Elmwood Zoo Educational Visits

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Nov 17

BSO Goalball Tournament

8:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Nov 19

Alex Mitnick Performance

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Nov 19

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Early Intervention: Focusing on Family

In Early Intervention Outreach, family education is the catalyst to a great start in life. The EIO Program works with children birth - 3 to assist parents with resources, doctor's appointments, equipment, IFSP process, transition, home life, and so much more. Learn more about Early Intervention Outreach and the children we serve in the community, and on campus. 



A private non-profit school educating students with visual impairment with
or without additional challenges provided at no cost to parents.